New York Times

"A guy handed me a demo when I was in Chicago recently. I get handed stuff almost everyday. I try to listen to all of it. 99% is garbage. But every so often you get something that stands out.  He has obviously listened to to a lot of 1960's British music, and you can hear the Beach Boys in the stacked up vocal harmonies. This is a guy with incredible potential."

San Francisco Chronicle

"This Chicago native won me over with his hooks, keen melodies and soaring choruses.” 

.."This Chicago native won me over with his hooks, keen melodies and soaring choruses.” 



"To grossly oversimplify things, listening to Tony Martino completely restores my faith that all new music does not suck. I don't know if I can really find an abstract comparison to do justice but imagine if, say, David Cassidy fronted The Jesus and Mary Chain around the time they did Psycho Candy. It's pure and sweet but it's also gritty. It's lucid but it's also drugged out. It's mainstream pop and underground at the same time. I just love it. It's so funny how appearances can be misleading, because when you look at Tony's picture you just think: "singer/songwriter with a guitar." But listening to his music I'd say he could easily win over fans of bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I mean, why not?"

WBCG 98.9 FM (Sarasota, FL)

"Tony Martino is an original artist with a sound all his own and a keen contemporary style."

.WQNR 99.9 FM (Auburn, AL)

 “Displaying a truly unique style and approach, Tony Martino doesn't 'sound like' anyone...that's what I like about him."

Illinois Entertainer

"Tony Martino boards understated pop influences, treating them to first-class production and a personal touch, that showcases the Phil Spector in his many studio associates... Coupled with Martino's introspective and hushed storytelling, the songs parachute into their own unique blossom."


"Martino layers his melodies to create gorgeous candy pop-scapes, and he sings them with a soft fluid voice.  He proves he has an understanding of catchy, beautiful melodies.”

A&R Factory

Have you ever considered how the harsher existential realities can be the most comforting to some? The Rarest Kind know exactly how that works. Their new song Just A Ride We’re On takes the message that life is temporary and finds squeezes enough hope out of that frightful eternity to put a smile on a skeleton. With bright pianos, ambient guitars and an epic rhythm section, the song is carried along by a soft and inviting vocal. Listeners are then lead through lines that could devastate in isolation, but inspire as a full picture.

In darker times, especially with current events dividing people so fiercely, we can all use reminders that bad news shouldn’t stop us. Tragedies, especially those that happen beyond our control, shouldn’t define our headspace but serve as reminders that we need to make the time we have work to the fullest extent possible The Rarest Kind are using their position to get this message out. Hopefully listeners can take the time to absorb that positivity and seize the day. If that’s not a worthwhile use of musical talent, I don’t know what is.

-Paul Weyer (A&R Factory)
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